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ROC Nuclear Bunker - Master Post - Peak District

Rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Cold War History

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Artikelstandort:Nr.Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Großbritannien
Versand nach:Großbritannien
Letzte Aktualisierung am 14:40:21 MEZ, 27. Feb. 2010 Alle Änderungen anzeigen
Sort By: For SaleLocation: Derbyshire Dales
Property Type: Nuclear Bunker within plot of landConstruction Year: 1959

ROC Nuclear Bunker –Master Post – Peak District


A rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Cold War history.


Set in a stunning location with glorious views


Your own nuclear bunker within a plot of land and much original equipment.


The bunker is in an elevated position with panoramic views over the Derbyshire Dales.


A Brief History

With the start of the cold war and the increasing threat of nuclear attack in the 1950s, the Royal Observer Corps were given the responsibility of reporting nuclear attack and fall-out. This necessitated the construction of underground monitoring posts at regular intervals throughout Great Britain.


Following the collapse of the former Soviet Union and its perceived nuclear threat, the bunkers were decommissioned. Because of their remote location, most of them have been the target for vandalism. However, there were a select few that remained intact and in a state of good preservation. These are usually to be found on private land.


This bunker was used as a Master Post and is denoted by the additional equipment that the other posts do not possess. The bunker opened in September 1959 and was usually staffed by 3 personnel working in shifts and was fully operational until 1991.



The site extends to approximately 50ft x 50ft with an additional small piece of land 16ft x 16ft attached, which was the original site of the ROC hut during the war years.


The bunker is in a perfect location on farmland and offers the freedom of having your own land and bunker, but with the security of being on private land which is fenced and securely gated. There is a right of way to the site 4’ 6” wide along a private road and field boundary. The site has its own purpose built stile, again to a right of way to the bunker, and is 200 yards from the road.


The bunker is accessed via a metal hatch and shaft. There is an access ladder to a depth of 15ft which leads to two rooms, one for the chemical toilet and a large monitoring room 15ft x 7ft 6ins, which was previously used as a monitoring room in the event of a nuclear attack. A ventilation shaft with two louvered vents is located alongside the entrance shaft with a second ventilation shaft at the other end of the room.


The bunker is completely dry and it would be hard to find one in such good condition. There is a BT line to a telephone in the bunker. However, communication would have been via teletalk (as seen in the photo). Lighting is supplied via a 12 volt battery and is in full working order.


Outside the bunker, the ventilator and access shaft are in excellent condition and the hatch is securely locked by two large padlocks.


Included in the sale:

Desk, chair, siren box, enamel bucket, BPI mounting board, copper earthing straps along the top two walls (unique to master posts), jerry cans, rope for hauling heavy items up the shaft, sump grill and sump pump, cupboard with some domestic items. The phone and teletalk by separate negotiation.


Please note there is a clawback of 30% of any development value realised by the purchaser of the site within 3 years from the date that the new owner’s title is registered. However this is hypothetical as due to the nature of the Bunker, development opportunities are somewhat restricted. Clearly however, the Bunker can continue to be used as limited living accommodation for short periods or adventure holidays.


Please contact us to view or for further information.


NB: Internal photography is not permitted on these premises whilst viewing this property.



Please note that by making a bid, you are agreeing to purchase this land. If you are not familiar with buying land, seek independent professional advice. We reserve the right to reject bids from bidders with zero feedback unless prior contact is made.

Serious bidders only please.


Deposit Payment

A deposit payment of £500 is to be paid within 7 days of the close of the auction.





On 27-Feb-10 at 13:40:21 GMT, seller added the following information:

The site is Freehold and Council Tax is not applicable

Fragen und Antworten zu diesem Artikel
 Frage: hi do you have a buy it now price? i look forward to your kind reply Gary
Antwort: Hi Gary, Thank you for your interest. However, in fairness to the present bidders, we feel that we should let the auction run its course. Good luck though if you decide to bid.
28. Feb. 2010 
 Frage: Can you tell me how big the plot is and does it have vehicular access Thanks
Antwort: Hi, The plot is 2,756 sq ft in total. There is no vehicular access directly to the site due to being fenced. However, there is a small lay-by in the country lane immediate to the private entrance 200 yards from the bunker.
27. Feb. 2010 

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