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Details zu  5700+ Games, 50+ Systems.Complete Nintendo & Sega Sets and more. Huge Collection

Tons Classic Systems and Games, don't miss this!

5700+ Games, 50+ Systems.Complete Nintendo & Sega Sets and more. Huge Collection

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All games are in used condition. All show some signs of wear. Condition varies, some games may

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Gillette, Wyoming, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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Artikelzustand: Akzeptabel : Teilen Sie die Kosten mit Freunden
Artikel mit offensichtlichen und beträchtlichen Gebrauchsspuren, der aber noch funktionsfähig ist. Die VHS-/DVD-Hülle kann eingerissen sein oder Löcher aufweisen. Die Anweisungen zum Videospiel und die Hülle sind möglicherweise nicht vorhanden. Genauere Einzelheiten sowie eine Beschreibung eventueller Mängel entnehmen Sie bitte dem Angebot des Verkäufers. Alle Zustandsdefinitionen aufrufen? wird in einem neuen Fenster oder auf einer neuen Registerkarte/einem neuen Tab geöffnet
Verkäufernotizen: All games are in used condition. All show some signs of wear. Condition varies, some games may have stickers or marker on them or slight tears in the label or cracks in cases. Many games are excellent to mint condition with a very small few being factory sealed. Overall average condition for games is "good". I've always replaced lesser quality titles with higher quality titles as I received them. So you are getting my master set. I've always been picky with titles and tried not to pick up many with less than good labels, although there is a small amount. Please contact me if there's any questions regarding condition and I'll do my best to answer them.

Collection Summary


5700+ games.  Over 4000 from Nintendo.  The majority from the golden age of gaming (1980?s ? 1990?s)  Multiple complete sets from Nintendo and Sega. Arguably every single retail (on store shelves) game released from Nintendo between 1985-2000 is represented here.   That?s just scratching the surface with many more from Sega, Atari, Playstation, Xbox and Turbografx.  Including multiple systems (some modded), (every single N64 color variant) and custom hand built and painted shelves.  Complete in Box Mario and Zelda sets.  I'm not looking to break this up, I'm selling as one amazing lot.  I?ll give a short breakdown of what?s included below from each game system.  Below is more information. 

More Pictures:   http://imgur.com/a/Pcy64

List of every single game and system included:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oO8uI2-MZdsLs3_f5rXUfA6f-BtQBK122WO6DpRjDCE/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true

Youtube video of collection:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cagaPiIB7JA



More Detailed Summary ? NINTENDO SYSTEMS

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) ? 835 Games Total

- Complete Licensed Set ? 676 Retail Games
This set includes every licensed non-recalled NES game that Nintendo produced in America.   All the classics, all of the Rares.  Flintstones Surprise at Dino Peak, Little Samson, Bubble Bobble 2, Panic Restaurant, Mega Men 1-5, ect.  The list goes on and on.  Note:  Stadium Events was a recalled game pulled from the store shelves and not part of this set.  I do have a neat foil label homebrew of Stadium Events that is included.  It the only game in my collection that is used as a place holder for an original North American released game. 

- Unlicensed NES ? 64 Games
This includes a complete Tengen Set, many AVE, Bunch, Color Dreams, Camerica, AGCI and others.  Includes many rares like Action 52, RacerMate Challenge II and Caltron 6 in 1.

- Many Homebrew/Unofficial releases
Fantastic Homebrew of Mr. Gimmick, I true masterpiece on NES, and others.  Homebrew games like Battle Kid 1 & 2.  Out of print retrozone releases 8-Bit Xmas 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.   A few interesting and odd pirate games as well. 

- Variants of NES games, some label variants, some 3/5 Screw.  ? 81 Special Variations
Many very hard to find screw variants like Donkey Kong 3-screw, Donkey Kong Jr. 3-Screw, Jaws, Skate or Die, not many examples of these rare screw variants are known to exist. 

- Dust covers for every single NES game.

Super Nintendo (SNES) ? 744 Games Total

- Complete Licensed Set ? 720 Retail Games
This set includes every licensed Super Nintendo game sold on store shelves.  If it?s a game your remember from your childhood, then its on this list.  All the classics, all the rares.  Earthbound, AeroFighters, Castlevania X, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Metal Warriors and so many more.  It?s all here.  Note:  Three games that I don?t consider part of the retail set (sold or store shelves) are not included.  Those are Donkey Kong Competition cart, StarFox Super Weekend and Speed Racer/Mountain Bike Combo.  That said, tons of other awesome bonus SNES games are included in this package.   See below.

- Unlicensed SNES , Not For Resale (NFR)
This includes the only unlicensed game to come out for the Super Nintendo (Super Noah?s Ark).  Also, a very hard to find NFR game:  StarFox. 

- Homebrew
Tons of custom painted fun to play SNES games here.  A new spin on Zelda, Mario World, Mario Kart, Metroid, Earthbound, F-Zero and more in this group.  See my full list for which titles are included. 



Nintendo 64 (N64) ? 319 Games Total

- Complete Set ? 296 Games
This includes every single N64 game released in North America.  Every single game has a nice label.  All the classics and all the rares.  Conkers Bad Fur Day, Clay Fighters Sculpters Cut, Bomberman Second Attack, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Zelda.  It?s all here.  Bonus, two versions of the Game Shark are included.    

- Every Color variant is included.  I wrote the guide for color variants on Nintendoage a couple years ago.  All those carts are included.  Very rare ones like Turok: Rage Wars, Aidyn Chronicals, HydroThunder, ect.  They are all here.  I?ll even included a grey hologram label of Zelda: MM.  I?ve only seen one other in all my years of collecting. 

- NFR (Not For Resale) Carts
Very sought after carts, not normally available to the general public.  Included are:  Banjoo-Tooie, Mario Party 3, Mario Tennis, Pokemon Stadium.

- Two extremely rare development carts.   Diakatana and Hercules. 
These are truly unique and possible one of a kind development carts.  They come in a unique long shell casing and will play in a regular N64 system. 

- Custom high quality end labels for all games.  These things are awesome.  They make finding the right game so much easier and they display on the shelf like they are meant to be.  If you are a purist and don?t want the end labels then they peel off easy and leave zero residue. 



Nintendo Gamecube ? 784 Games Total

- Complete Set ? 558 Games
Wow, this one I?m excited to talk about.  This may be the worlds largest North American Gamecube collection in a private collectors hand.  Not only do you get every retail Gamecube game, it also includes every Player?s Choice version, every regular sized box set, every known variant, almost every demo, and a handful of other rares like development copies, ect.  784 unique Gamecube games in total.  There?s not another set like this out there, but I?m getting ahead of myself.   This set was truly a labor of love.

- Player?s Choice Set
In addition to having every ?black label? regular release, this set also includes every Player Choice variant.  Gamecube games were sold as ?Player Choice? once they became million sellers.  So those games were often of very high quality.  Every single one is included here, over 100+ titles. 

- Regular Sized Box sets
These Box Sets are always hard to find.  They are regular games that come with a bigger outside cardboard box.  They still fit on the shelf nicely, but often times came with a Microphone.  Games like Pokemon Box, Resident Evil, Zelda, Mario Party and more are included. 

- Variants
So many awesome and hard to find cover art variants are included.  I wrote the visual guide on Nintendoage for Gamecube variants.  Some of these took months to find and they are all included.  Every known variant is included. See full list of games for more details. 

- Demo Disks.
These are highly sought after an many very hard to find, Naruto Demo, Soul Caliber II Demo, October 2001, January 2002 (both sealed), many more.  Over 40 in total. 

- Development Copies
This speical NR disks are very rare, possible one of a kind items.  This includes Baldur?s Gate Dark Alliance (NR Disk), Virtua Quest (NR Disk) and the most unique item Alien Hominod.  This NR disk version on Alien Hominod is from what I can tell from the ?
Independent Game Festival? it comes with a Playstation 2 copy as well as cover art and instruction.  In all my years of collecting I?ve never seen another copy like this.  I truly unique and exciting piece. 


Nintendo Wii ? 102 Games Total

-The Wii was a huge success for Nintendo and what is here in some of the best the system has to offer.  Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, House of the Dead, Resident Evil, Metroid Trilogy Collectors Tin, and a bunch more.  The very rare copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Not For Resale) with a custom case is also included. 


Wii U

- Total Games ? 9 Games Total
All Popular Releases.  Mario Kart 8, Mario, Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Pikmin 3, ect. 


Virtual Boy ? 15 Games Total

- Complete Set ? 14 Games (plus bonus import game V-Tetris)
This is the complete North American Virtual Boy Set.  Also games come in a custom cases with custom printed covers for easy storing.  Many with instruction manuals.  They look great on the shelf and are easily accessible. 

GameBoy ? 511 Games Total

- Complete Licensed Set ? 506 Games
This is a complete Gameboy set.  Every North American released Gameboy game is here.  Every game is in good condition or better.  No missing or junk labels.  All the rares and all the popular games.  Spud Adventure, Amazing Tater, all the Mega Mans, the list goes on. 

- Complete Unlicensed Set ? 5 Games
Just 5 unlicensed games were released for this system by a company named Wisdom Tree.  These are very hard to track down and all are included in this set. 

- Custom hand built and hand painted shelf included.  This was designed to fit GameBoy games perfectly with an alphabetical system that allows you to grab the correct game with ease.  This is a favorite piece of mine that adds so much to the collection, I?m sad to see it go, but happy to see it find a new home. 


GameBoy Color ? 445 Games Total

This is a complete Gameboy Color set.  Every North American released GameBoy Color game Is here.  Every game is in good condition or better.  No missing or junk labels.  All the rares and all the popular games.  Shantae, Pokemon, IZEK Sewing Machine and a ton more. 

- Custom hand built and hand painted shelf.  This shelf was designed to match perfectly with the GameBoy shelf.  It fits the set perfectly and looks amazing on the wall.  There is no better way to store and display a GameBoy set.  These shelves are the only ones in existence.


GameBoy Advance ? 285 Games Total

- Tons of great classics here.  Zeldas, Marios, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Golden Sun, Pokemon, Sonic, and quite a few rares including one of the rarest for the system Ninja 5-0.  Nearly 20 GBA Video as well.  Plus one ?Not For Resale? cart. Please see full list for all titles included.  Some of the more popular games will come with custom cases/covers from modified DS cases.



Nintendo DS & DSi ? 67 Games Total

- Mostly 1st Party Nintendo Titles here.  Really some of best for the system.  Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Castlevania, Pokemon.  Also includes the hard to find ?Not For Resale? Zelda:  Spirit Tracks.  Plus a full set of DSi games.  (A full set for DSi is three unique games for that system)

Nintendo 3DS ? 24 Games Total

- As with the DS, many of the best games for the system.  Includes hard to find Cave Story 3D with the cover slip.  As well as 1st run misprint Resident Evil Revelations.  Also includes 7 hard to find ?Not For Resale? 3DS carts with custom box art.  The NFR Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is included.  

Nintendo Famicom (Japanese NES) ? 20 Games Total

- 20 Famicom Games, many classics, like Dr Mario, Excitebike, Donkey Kong and Rockman. 

More Detailed Summary ? SEGA SYSTEMS


Sega Master System ? 115 Games Total

- This is a complete Sega Master System set.  Every North American released Sega Master System game is here.  All the rares, James Buster Douglas, Psycho Fox, Ghouls ?N Ghost, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Phantasy Star, ect.  The vast majority are complete in box.  Also included is the unique PAL release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, a game that did not come out in the United States. 


Sega Genesis ? 492 Games Total

- Sega Genesis, what a classic system.  This lot includes 487 Sega Genesis games.  Tons of classics.  Many of these games are complete, some are cart and box only and just a very small handful are just cart.  Included as a bonus are 173 box only titles.  Some with instructions.  These 173 boxes with original cover art are not counted towards my game total list, but are all unique to the collection and are not duplicated by the 487 games.  Many rare ones, for a full list, please scroll down towards the bottom of the page. 

- Sega Genesis Homebrew.  5 Games in total, all come in custom boxes.  Many neat games here, like Mega Man Willy Wars, Alien Soldier, Sonic Lost World, ect. 


Sega 32x ? 31 Games Total

- This is a complete Sega 32x Set.  Every North American released Sega 32x game is here.  All labels are good and includes all the rares as well as the very hard to find Spiderman:  Web of Fire. 

Sega 32x/CD ? 5 Games Total

- This is a complete set of 32x/CD games.  Every North American release 32x/CD game is here.  Just 5 games in this small set.  Includes the infamous Night Trap! 

Sega CD ? 50 Games Total

- All my CD games are Complete in Box/Case with an exception of a couple that are missing cover art.  Many great games here, includes both rare Lunar games. 


Sega Saturn ? 38 Games Total

- A solid lot of Sega Saturn games, all Complete in Box/Case.  As well as four ?Not For Resale? sample/demo games. 


Sega Dreamcast ? 30 Games Total

- Many great games here, all Complete in Box/Case.  Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Tomb Raider, Mr. Driller, Tony Hawk, ect.



Sega Game Gear ? 232 Games Total

- This is a complete Game Gear Set.  Every North American release Game Gear game is here.  Great classics and all the rares.  Mega Man, Shinning Force and all the very hard to find US released Codemaster carts.  These are very tough to find in US form, Pete Sampras Tennis, CJ Elephant Fugitive, Dizzy, Micro Machines and Cosmic Space Head.


Playstation 1 ? 41 Games Total

- Great PS1 Classics all Complete in Box/Case.  Castlevania:  Symphony of the Night, GTA, Final Fantasy, Mega Gear, Mega Man, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, ect.


Playstation 2 ? 96 Games Total

- Some awesome games here.  When picking up PS2 and Xbox games, I always looked for games that were exclusive for the two systems.  (As in games that did not come out on Gamecube).  I only picked up games that looked interesting, so no sports titles in this lot.  Great classic series here, Arc of Lad, Castlevania, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, God of War, Gran Turismo, GTA, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear, Mortal Kombat, Rachet and Clank, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Shadow of Colossus, ICO, just to name a few.   


Platystation 3 ? 32 Games Total

- As with PS2, just some of the more interesting games for the system. 


PSP ? 51 Games Total

- Same as above, just the best/more interesting games.  Castlevania: Dracula X, Final Fantasy, LocoRoco, Megaman, Metal Gear, Patapoon, Pixal Junk Monsters, ect. 

PS VITA ? 2 Games Total

- Just a couple games here, but both quite good.  Killzone Mercenary and Walking Dead: Season One. 


XBOX ? 57 Games Total

- Nice lot of games here, no games that cross into my Gamecube or PS2 collection.  All unique games in this lot. Many classic/fun series.  Conker Uncut, Halo, Metal Slug, Half Life, ect. 

XBOX 360 ? 25 Games Total

- Some of the better games for the system.  Bioshock, Dead Rising, Dead Space, Gears of War, ect. 

ATARI 2600 ? 206 Games Total

- Retrogaming at its best.  Tons of arcade classics here.


ATARI 7800 ? 12 Games Total

- Centipede, Donkey Kong Jr, Ms. Pacman and more!


Turbografx-16 / Turbografx CD ? 57 Games Total

- A great and underrated 16 bit system.  Anyone who?s collected for the system will tell you it?s not a expensive system to acquire games for.  Just about anything that came out on is fairly hard to find.  Lots of classics and hard to find games in this lot.  All my Turbografx games come Complete in Case, except for one that is Hu Card only (Victory Run).  Games like Dragon Slayer, Splatterhouse, Parasol Stars, Bonk 3, and many many more, please see list at bottom of the page for more details. 




More Detailed Summary ? MARIO AND ZELDA SETS

In addition to all the games listed above, I?m also included a complete Mario And Zelda Set (Main series games).  This is all the main games for these two huge franchises.  Mario and Zelda defines Nintendo past, present and future. All the games here are complete in box and look amazing displayed together.  24 Mario Games from NES through WII U.  25 Zelda Games from NES through WII U.  If you are gaming fan, then you know these to be defining series and gaming history.  A full list these games are at the bottom of this page. 




More Detailed Summary ? VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS

- In addition to receiving over 5700 games.  Also included is over 50 Game Systems.  I?ll briefly talk about those here.  A full list will be located at the bottom. 


Nintendo Systems

- Nintendo Home Systems included are NES (Classic toaster model), NES (Top Loader Model 2) ? This has been professionally modified with A/V hook ups as well as a power light. Super Nintendo, N64.  In addition to the one N64 you?ll also receive every additional N64 variant that came out in the United States.  The whole Funtastic Series, plus the Gold Toys?R Us exclusive, plus the Pokemon unit.  Nine additional units in total.  This makes for an awesome display!  Black Nintendo Gamecube/with Gameboy Advance player.  Plus additional three Gamecube systems.  A Silver, Purple and Teal unit.  The Teal unit is a very rare ?NR Reader? used exclusively by game developers to test prototype games.  A Wii and a WII U (Black Deluxe 32 gig) version.  The classic and odd Virtual Boy and Nintendo Famicom are included as well. 

- Nintendo Handheld systems.  Two original Gameboy systems (Grey and Teal).  Three Gameboy Pockets and four Gameboy Colors.  No Duplicate colors.  Three Gameboy Advances, one Gameoby Micro, four Gameboy SP?s.  Again, no duplicate colors.  Two DS?s, two DS lite?s, all unique colors.  One DSi and one 3DS system.  Controllers, hookups and chargers for everything mentioned above.  Note that I?m also including 18 official N64 controllers, each one a unique color, many hard to find ones.



Sega Systems

- Sega systems included are Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32x (The Genesis, CD and 32x all share a professionally modified power adapter, this makes it much much easier to hook these systems up).  Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast as well.  A Sega Game Gear is included as well. 

Other Systems ? Atari, Playstation, Xbox and TG-16

- Atari 7800 ? This system has been modified with S-Video for a clean output.  The great thing about the Atari 7800 is that it?s backwards compatible with the vast majority of Atari 2600 carts. 

- Turbografx-16 ? This great system has also been modified for S-Video for a cleaner picture. 

- PS1, PS2, Xbox, PSP, PS VITA ? Slim models for both PS1 and PS2.  Xbox in great shape.  PS Vita is the limited white model.  It looks very sleek!


More Detailed Summary ? OTHER ITEMS

Nintendo Power Issue #1 and Last Nintendo Power Issue.  Framed together like it was meant to be.

- Nobody wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford art work.  Signed art work by Brandon Bird.  Professionally framed.  This is a great painting and fits perfectly in a game room.  Makes me laugh every time I look at it.

- Custom Made Super Mario World Curtains. 

- Classic 1985 R.O.B. (Robot Operating Buddy).  This guy is a great display piece.

- N64 Acrylic N64 Display.  This thing is one of a kind and perfect fits all nine N64 system colors.  I will ship this as safe as I possibly can, but due to the nature of the item, I cannot promise that it will arrive in one piece.  It may need some repair on the other end of shipment.  That said, I would double wrap it and secure as best as possible. 

- Custom made Nintendo Zapper Lamp.  This was a custom project of mine.  This lamp turned out great and is one of a kind.  Again, it will be packed as secure as possible, but due to the nature of the item, it will possibly need slight regluing on arrival.  Hopefully not, but I think it should be mentioned as a possibility. 

- Custom made wood Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Sega Game Gear/32x Sets.  These are heavy duty hand crafted and hand painted shelves.  They are perfect for holding Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Game Gear and 32x sets.  This was a labor of love and these items are truly unique. 

That?s the end of the summary.  Now for a more detailed list of every single game.  Games are grouped by system.  Consoles, controllers and other items are at the bottom of the list.  (The links below are the same that are at the top of the page. )


More Pictures:   http://imgur.com/a/Pcy64

List of every single game and system included:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oO8uI2-MZdsLs3_f5rXUfA6f-BtQBK122WO6DpRjDCE/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true

Youtube video of collection:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cagaPiIB7JA



Bid with confidence!  I?ve been on ebay for over 10 years with nearly 1000 transactions and 100% feedback.  My Ebay ID is ?reel.big.fish? my username on various gaming forum is ?NintendoTwizer?.  I?m a well-respected member on these sites and can be contacted through here on ebay or forums like Nintendoage, Racketboy, reddit.com/r/gamecollecting. 

SHIPPING:  As you can tell this is a great deal of items to ship.  Shipping will happen within two weeks of payment clearing.  I'm looking to do freight shipping but am open to other options.  Due to the amount and weight of items being shipped, I'm mainly looking for United States bidders.  That said If you are an international bidder then please contact me first and we can look at buying/shipping options. 

These are mostly retro games from the 1980?s/1990?s.  Because of that please note that items are marked ?used? all items sold As-Is.  Thanks and happy bidding!

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